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India is country with 1/6th of the world's population living in 1/20th of the habitable Area of the world. To feed the huge number of mouths, India is blessed to be able to grow up-to three crops a year. Also as per the new trends Short forestry crops like Poplar, Switch Grass, and Elephant Grass etc. are being grown to feed the wood, plywood & board industries.

Also the tree droppings from large forest tracts & unwanted but assured growth of plants & shrubs like Lantana also add to the availability. The volume & quantity of Agro-wastes is available from the above crops & forestry is in Millions of Tons even after feeding the cattle & animals.

Most of this available waste is already being used as fuel for heat energy and in places to produce power also but in a very inefficient manner due to inconsistent quality parameters, low density high volumes & very high levels of moisture in different seasons and increased pollution levels.

Our vision is optimize the usage of the existing agro-wastes used as fuel and the surplus & unusable wastes like plant & leaves etc. by processing them to highly consistent, free flowing solid fuels "THE PELLETS.

We have more them enough heat energy stored in these agro-residues than we require if used efficiently. This wonder Biomass Pellet Fuel Plant has already made its strong presence felt in the Europe & America' s for decades in all heating applications, replacing all solid fuels including Briquettes and also Oil and Gas, through various appliances the popularity can be seen through its availability in Gen. Stores & shopping malls in retail segment.

  • High density: 700-750kg/m3(less storage area)
  • Safe: Flash Point above 250deg. Celsius
  • Free Flow Nature: This property makes it flowing like Oil & Gas
  • Residual Ash: is a soil Supplement
  • Air Pollution: Certified Green Fuel
  • Consistent
       Moisture 8-10%
       Calorific value: 3800-4200
       Supply around the year (decreased inventory costs)
       Low Ash <2, <4, <8 % in grades.
  • Fast & efficient Burning


Is to introduce this wonder fuel in India make the population aware of the value addition in existing Biomass Pellet Fuel Plant, ease of use while sustaining the economics in different applications.

To introduce the right & efficient appliances for them and live/work in comfort alongside nature, with natural re-sources in a green way and not exploit the world with Fossil Fuels.

It has been proven the Biomass Fuel Pellets have faster & better combustion values and more than 90% fuel efficiencies have been achieved in various Industrial & commercial applications.

To set up a modern Biomass Pellet at different predetermined sites and locations in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

To set up Pellet Appliances Factory as per European norms to ensure the quality, efficiency & pollution standards for the end users in India and abroad.

Europe and Americas already are an established export market.


We have started our mission and have established our first Asia/India largest Biomass Pellet Fuel Plant at Bhagwanpur, Roorkee, Uttrakhand, India, other plants will follow in different Locations in India.

Incidentally Uttrakhand has 67% of its Area as forestry, short-term forestry, sugar mills, crop residues and Industrial Organic bio-wastes.

We are in the process of putting up Euro-Certification compliant Appliances Factory in tech-collaboration with European manufacturers, to make the people aware of the "BIO-MASS PELLET FUEL POTENTIAL" through the appliances specially designed as per the Indian/Asian requirements & use.

The Appliances of Biomass Pellet Fuel Plant can be provided with quite efficient Temp. & Emission Controls if required, the range includes:

  • Cook Stoves/Tandoors for residential and commercial application
  • Water Heaters providing hot water up-to 95deg. Celsius for Hotel/Institutional/Industrial Applications
  • Hot Air Generators giving Hot air from 50Deg. - 250Deg.
  • Fire Places for Rooms/Villa's/Hotel heating, Industrial shed heating to increase the efficiency of workers in winters
  • Commercial & Industrial heating ranging from Shrink-wrap, Bakeries, Pre-heating applications to Powder Coating Plants
  • Special Equipments like Zinc/Aluminium melting for Die Casting, Compact Boilers etc.
  • Pellet Spreaders for Grate Furnaces from 1-4 Tons
  • Industrial Burners up-to 2 MW for standalone new applications and to retrofit in existing systems
Ultimately - To Change the way you heat forever

Primary Competitive Advantages

  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Notable Market Position
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Flexible Payment & Delivery Modes

Product Range

  • Bio Mass Fuel Pellets
    • Biomass Pellet Fuel Plant
    • Saw Dust Pellets
    • Wood Fuel Pellets
    • Biomass Fuel Pellets
    • Non Oil Biomass Fuel Pellets
  • Appliances
    • Cook Stove Batch Type
    • Cook Stove- Continuous Type with Special features
    • Pellet Cooking Tandoors
    • Fire Place for Room heating with Storage
  • Industrial Burners with special features:- Industrial Burners up-to 2 MW for standalone new applications and to retrofit in existing systems
  • Customize Appliances as per requirement
    • Water Heaters providing hot water up-to 95deg. Celsius for Hotel/Institutional/Industrial Applications
    • Metal Casters: - For zinc, aluminium meting & Die-casting
    • Pellet Spreader for Fixed Grate Furnaces 1-4 tons

  • Contact Details
  • Head Office : Khasra No. 86/24, Hirankudna Modh, Mundka Industrial Area, New Delhi - 110041, India
  • Phone : +919901242576
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  • Factory Address

    Bhagwanpur,Roorkee, District Haridwar (Uttarakhand)-247661
    Ms. Jyoti (Back-end Sales)
    Mobile : +918392948203
    Landline No. 08392948240/43

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